RWD is about helping to create a connected rugby world community. Part of this is the social network and directory. However, rugby is also about travel, touring, going to big matches and actually meeting your rugby friends in person. To assist you with this we have provided the facility to book match day tickets, flights and accommodation.


Search the Directory before you book as a rugby friendly place may already be listed. Go to their profile page and read the Recommendations and Reviews written by your rugby peers. People like you!


Should you know of a great pub, B&B, restaurant, hotel or anything else in your area that is a favourite with your rugby community, in particular if they are a sponsor of rugby, then invite them to join your community. You can also click HERE and send us an e-mail with the contact details of your recommendation and we'll take it from there.


When booking a match day ticket, flight or hotel, RWD receives a small commission on each transaction. This will help us to keep our heads above water and ensure that we can keep developing and improving RWD for the rugby community. The responsibility for finalising your transaction, ticketing, quality of service and delivering on your purchase lie with the providers. Should you encounter any problems then please contact them first.