Version: 16 October 2012

The Rugby World Directory (RWD) has clearly stated values which we identified prior to commencing on our mission to build this resource. These principles and values have been our guide through thick and thin.
Here they are: 




We also defined our personality, which can be summed up as genuine, optimistic, smart and active.
Our values and personality combine to keep us true to our ultimate mission; that of creating a true worldwide rugby Community, whilst fully respecting our users rights to privacy. As RWD becomes more sophisticated so will we develop the privacy settings to ensure that our users always feel comfortable when interacting on RWD.
Set out below the data that we collect, what it's used for and how you can manage your privacy.



Data you have entered


This refers to the information you enter upon Registration (name, email, country, city, age, website, Twitter handle) and creating Profiles (name, email, address, date of establishment, website, Twitter handle, about, images, videos).


Data with regard to how you use RWD


The data captured with regard to how you use RWD will be used to make RWD better for you. This way we can anticipate useful features that we should expand upon or others that we should remove. For example; Profiles and websites that you visit, searches in the Directory, cookies, browser type, browser language, date and times and location information.




As RWD develops we will capture information about the devices you use to access RWD. This enables us to develop RWD in a way that is compatible with the various devices and so that we can anticipate trends in device usage.


How do we use the collected Data


As mentioned above we collect this data to improve and develop RWD, protect our users and as RWD grows show you relevant content in the Activity Stream. We will also use your location information to show you Deals and Offers that are directly relevant to you.


Your name and profile pictures will be visible to everyone using RWD. We will use the name you provide to communicate with you.



Should you contact RWD with regard to a particular issue we will keep a record of our contacts for our administration and, in the case of feedback, so that we can let you know what action we have taken.


Cookie data is captured to improve your user experience. See / COOKIES on your / DASHBOARD.



You're in Control


Everyone has differing privacy concerns. You can set your profile to Open or Closed as you like. Our privacy settings will develop as RWD becomes more sophisticated and we'll keep you informed as these change. Remember that you can have various connections in your RWD Community: Friends, Associates and Followers in your Community. Friends are your REAL friends and you should be able to share openly with them.


Associations are things such as your Rugby Club, Team or a Governing Body. Followers are people that you don't know but who are interested in you. Followers can't interact with you, however, they can see what you post so watch out! Also Personal Profiles will be more private than Non-Personal Profiles. This is because Non-Personal Profiles are organisations that want to be found and communicated with so that their message gets to the rugby community.



Data that we share externally


In principle no personal data is shared with other companies, organisations or individuals outside of RWD.

The exceptions may be:

Your permission

If we need to share personal data we will ask your permission and will ask you to give this permission in writing.
Domain administrators

The people responsible for building and maintaining RWD will have access to some of your data. Domain administrators are bound by a code of conduct with regard to personal data and content. Amongst other things


Domain administrators will be able to:



External processing


Some data may be available to our affiliates for processing transactions. This will be done according to our Privacy Policy and all necessary confidentiality measures apply.

Where necessary personal data may have to be shared as a result of a legal issue or governmental request. Further, should we discover that our / SAFETY, / COMMUNITY GUIDELINES or / TERMS & CONDITIONS have been violated, then personal data may be used to support our case in terminating an Account or protecting RWD or the user from harm.
Non personally identifiable data

RWD may share non-personal user behavioural data and trends with our partners.

Change of Ownership


Should RWD be involved in a merger or other change of ownership structure then all stated Privacy Policies will be upheld and the confidentiality of personal data will remain intact.

Data Security


We have taken every possible measure to ensure that your data is safe and inaccessible for unapproved organisations or persons. Further, access to personal data is restricted to RWD employees or contractors who work under strict confidentiality codes of conduct. Any violation of the code will result in termination of their contract.



Our policies may change from time to time. These, should they be major and influence how you can use RWD, will be communicated to you.