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RWD is an international Rugby directory, social network and resource.


How do these elements work together to complete the RWD platform and what makes it a resource?


RWD is based upon profiles. These are split into Categories and then, dependent upon the Category, various profile Types. This makes it fast and easy to find who or what you’re looking for.


The Social Network element is achieved by allowing profiles to find and to Join each other creating communities. We've added various tools and features to the profiles so that you can interact, communicate, organize, plan, share and engage.


RWD is a Resource by, firstly being a closed and secure communication platform with tool that allow you to run your Club, Team, Group, Event, Trip or Cause. Secondly, our collective intelligence and knowledge can be shared. Openly through the ODD, Conditioning, and Broadcast Guide pages. Internally through News Letters, the Directory and your profiles.




RWD fulfils its Directory element through the fact that RWD is filled with profiles of all sorts of people and things related to Rugby. To share this with the global Rugby community we have created the map based Directory.  Simply click on the part of the world where you want to find something and choose the relevant Category and Type. The list of search results reduces as you become more specific in your choices.


We recognize the roll of each Governing Body by always showing them at the top of each result list. You can join them and we hope that as RWD grows more Governing Bodies will claim their profiles and communicate directly with their Rugby community through RWD.



The Rugby category is made up of profile Types representing the amateur foundation of our sport. These are: Club, Team, Event, Trip, Group, Tournament, Cause, Club School and Competition Amateur. Rugby profiles have unique features that allow you to use RWD as your total communication tool.


The Rugby Pro category is for the professional level of Rugby. Types include: Club, Coach, Competition, Event, Team, Player, Referee, Competition, Consultancy, Executive and Governing Body. These profiles have all the features that allow professional entities or people to speak to their audience or fan base in a representative manner.


The remaining categories make up the rest of our Rugby world. Brands can connect with the global Rugby community. RWD is about Rugby and we want to know about brands that can supply us with our Rugby kit, provide equipment and help us with our conditioning.  A Destination is anywhere a Rugby person may want to go to.  Yes this will mainly be places where we can consume alcohol and then sleep it off. The idea behind RWD is that the only Destinations in RWD are those that support Rugby in some way and are recommended by Rugby people. Travel profiles are those that provide the Rugby community with the means of getting us to where we want to go or providing us with travel information.


We’ve loaded RWD with most of the world’s Rugby Clubs and thousands of CrossFit gyms. These profiles are ready to be claimed by the rightful owners.


Once a Club profile has been claimed the owner can add teams with the “Add Teams” feature and set up the RWD recommended hierarchical communication structure. See the diagram below for our vison on this. Club members join RWD, join their club and then the various teams that they may play for. Team Managers and appointed Administrators can now communicate, organise and plan directly to their team in a safe closed environment. The club can also communicate and share to everyone who’s joined and post for friends or the global community.


So the nature of a Social Network, combined with specific technical features allows for it to become a communication tool. Then by allocating, rather coldly, categories and types to people and things we create an easily searchable directory. Then though interaction we can encourage the sharing of stories and the knowledge that actually interests us and is useful for our sport.


This is what we want to achieve with RWD as a resource. 


RWD is different and similar to other social media. We hope you’ll take the time to join, search for friends and test out the various features. RWD’s power will work best for us all as more and more people join.