RWD Introduction

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Rugby World Directory (RWD) is the free directory, social network and resource for Rugby.


We dreamed of a resource where you could connect with Rugby people, find Rugby stuff, post Rugby stuff, and travel to Rugby destinations Recommended & Reviewed (R&R) by people passionate about Rugby. Plus we've got the "Epic" button for the ultimate in appreciation!


In Rugby size matters, but it’s your heart and your commitment that makes the difference. RWD may be a small social media now, but we’re all Rugby heart and entirely committed to providing you with a useful resource.



As a platform RWD can be used for fun or as a communication, organisation and planning tool to run your entire Club, Team, Event, Trip, Group or organisation.


We’ve seen how amateur clubs these days are running their communication though four or five different media. By using RWD you can reduce this to one!


We show our commitment to Rugby by offering the platform for PC, for mobile through the RWD Rugby apps for Android and iPhone, and soon for TV. 



We’ve also seen that Rugby players are interested in watching Rugby, training for Rugby, purchasing kit and travelling. Through the Broadcast Guide and our Conditioning and Offers Deals Discounts pages we endeavour to meet these needs.


As RWD grows, the community itself is creating an ever increasingly useful resource for all of us. Everyone can contribute and we encourage you to contact us with your stories.



With regard to travel, the Directory facilitates this by listing Rugby people and places located in your destination. Use the Recommend & Review feature to rate profiles and bring them to everyone’s attention. We hope to offer more travel features in the future to enhance RWD as a useful resource for you.


In essence, we’re taking on the big boys of social media. We absolutely want to lure you away from them because we all know that Rugby deserves more than just a Like! That’s why we have the Epic button!



To this end we’re updating RWD all the time as we receive your feedback. We’re also aware that you’re all used to the advanced features of the big social media platforms and we need to keep up. What a challenge! Bring it on!


So if you’re tired of running your club using six different media, why not consolidate to a single platform: The Rugby World Directory.



With Rugby Regards!