Version: 16 October 2012


The Rugby World Directory (RWD) has clearly stated values which we identified prior to commencing on our mission to build this resource. These principles and values have been our guide through thick and thin.


Here they are:


Honesty - Integrity and respect of others and the sport.

Simplicity - We believe in clarity, transparency and ease of use.

Accessible - We are open, unbiased and independent and strive for positive benefits for all.

Reliability - Our experience creates the foundation for delivering a solid product for everyone to use.


We also defined our personality, which can be summed up as genuine, optimistic, smart and active.


Our values and personality combine to keep us true to the mission of creating a true worldwide rugby Community.


Inherent in being part of a community is the need for rules that determine and define what acceptable and unacceptable behaviour is. RWD gives you the opportunity to interact and share with a global rugby community. Opinions and allegiances vary, however, we are all bound by the rugby code of respect, tolerance, joy, enthusiasm, humour and fun. We are sure and trust that you will use the site with respect. Further, by accepting our Terms & Conditions on registration you indicate that you understand and pledge to uphold the rugby code and the RWD Community Guidelines.


The RWD Community


You are part of the diverse RWD community and you will help to make it an informative, useful and exciting platform. Show your rugby enthusiasm, joy and humour whilst maintaining respect and good manners. Do all this whilst having fun and remember that "This is not soccer!"




The pre-loaded Non-Personal profiles of Clubs, Governing Bodies, Brands, Destinations and Travels are there to be claimed by the rightful owners. You should only claim a Non-Personal profile if you intend to be the administrator of that profile and are the rightful and appointed officer in charge of social media.


Messaging, Commenting, Recommending & Reviewing


At RWD the way to share content is to Comment on it. Do this to compliment and encourage dialogue but not to abuse people or promote antagonism. You can Comment on almost everything from photos & videos to Recommendations & Reviews. If a topic you want to talk about is sensitive then use the Message facility to keep your opinion private and between you and the person you are in discussion with. Recommending and Reviewing allows us to share great Brands, Destinations and Travels. A Review is the ideal way to let businesses know what they are doing well and where they can improve. Reviewing is not there to take cheap shots. If you have a bad Review of a business then fair enough, but make sure that your Review is based on substance so that the business concerned can action the issue appropriately.




As with other social media in RWD you can post text, photos and videos. Be mindful of your personal community when posting and the greater community should you have a public profile. Further, be aware and respect the guidelines and terms of other social media when you share and upload content.


Here a list of things that we consider inappropriate:


Threats of violence - we want everyone to be safe. Threats of violence are unacceptable and particularly those which could escalate to becoming a real threat to public safety. Calls for action that lead to violence, theft or vandalism are also prohibited. We will notify the appropriate authorities should we identify a real threat.


Harassment - simply don't harass or bully people. You can speak freely and voice your opinion but do this within our rugby code. Unwanted Friend of Follow requests, particularly if they are persistent are also considered to be a form of harassment.


Nudity - there is no getting around this one. Rugby people around the world have been known to "get their gear" off during the third half, when celebrating a first try or as a promotional stunt. As long as it’s not pornographic, doesn't involve children and is part of your rugby lifestyle it will be tolerated. Again be mindful of who is in your personal community.


Shocking, disgusting, graphic, dangerous & illegal content - the RWD theme is rugby community, the sport and the rugby lifestyle. There is no need to post anything that falls under these categories and particularly if they have no relevance to rugby.


Hate - spreading hatred on RWD is forbidden. You may challenge ideas and thoughts, however, don't attack people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.


Pretending - don't pretend to be someone else or represent an organisation that you are not entitled to represent. This is a breach of the Terms & Conditions and undermines the trust in each other upon which any community is based. Very uncool!


Your Own - post only your own content or content that you can access through other social media. Never post other peoples personal information. Also make sure that you respect copyrights, trademarks and all other legal rights.


Commercial activities - RWD blends the interests of businesses with those of the rugby community. Don not use RWD for commercial purposes that are intrusive or unwanted. Respect the community.


Alcohol & Drugs - RWD fully believes in the responsible service and use of alcohol. A huge part of the rugby lifestyle involves celebration and having a drink. However, posting anything that encourages or glorifies excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Further, similar postings regarding recreational or performance enhancing drugs are also prohibited.


Cyber Citizen


Be a good Cyber Citizen. Here the YouTube instruction on how to be a good Cyber Citizen and how to be safe: Cyber Citizen



Should you feel that your safety or rights have been violated please go to Report Problems on the Dashboard.