Version: 16 October 2012 



A "cookie" (also known as a HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie) is a small file that is stored in your web browser on your computer. Cookies help a website to remember your preferences and use of the site. This helps your browser to perform better and enhance your online experience. You are always free to block cookies, however, bear in mind that this can alter the sites performance.


At Rugby World Directory (RWD) we use cookies exclusively to optimize your "user" experience.


Here's what we use cookies for:




The cookie used for security measures tells us if you are logged in and that we can grant you access to RWD and to your Account. 


Site Services


The "site services" cookie makes sure that your details are pre-filled so that you don't need to enter them over and over again when using RWD.




Website analytics is a powerful tool that involves the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data. We use this to better understand how RWD is used so that we can improve and optimize your "user" experience.