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We have taken great care in designing and building the Rugby World Directory.  It was launched after an extensive testing programme and is as far as we were able to test, problem free. However, should you discover a technical glitch of any kind please let us know so that we van rectify the problem. Click to e-mail us the problem: REPORT TECHNICAL 




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As stated in our Terms and under Safety and Community Guidelines RWD has been created to be an enjoyable resource for all of us to use. Should you feel that an Account Holder is violating our Terms or any of the Safety and Community Guidelines then please report this to us. Remember that the RWD community is diverse and tastes and opinions will differ. What you may find offensive may actually not be in violation of our various Terms and codes. However, we will investigate all reports of abuse or harassment. This we take very seriously.  Click to e-mail us the problem: REPORT ABUSE 


Fake Account


This is the worst sin in the social media world. If you spot an Account Holder pretending to be someone they're not then please report this to us. Even more important is if someone is pretending to be YOU. Click to e-mail us the problem: REPORT FAKE 




In our Terms and Community Guidelines we clearly advise all to respect the ownership of content. Should someone be using your content (copyright, trademarks, images, logos, brand, intellectual property) without your permission please go to our / COPYRIGHT section for further instructions before you report this to us.


Cyber Citizen


Be a good Cyber Citizen. Here the YouTube instruction on how to be a good Cyber Citizen and how to be safe: Cyber Citizen